Friday, September 18, 2009

Weekend Wisdom

This week, after an informal facebook poll, we learned what we probably already knew. Most of us pump ourselves full of one stimulant or another (or popcorn!) to keep us going throughout the day. It's sad but true. And for most of us, there's really no way around this. We are in a competitive environment, and sometimes you just need to put in those extra hours.
And sometimes sometimes is all the times.

This weekend, give yourself a break from your stimulant fix. Yes, I know, you may have a raging caffeine headache, but your body might actually appreciate it. Enjoy a whole day where you don't have to worry about keeping yourself going for that extra mile. In fact, quit with like, 5 miles left to go. Try getting 10 hours of sleep. Anything to give your body a little break from the daily pounding you put it through.

Sometimes we neglect our bodies in the pursuit of a goal. Remember, if your body breaks down, you won't be able to enjoy your success.

To give you some extra help, here are some tunes from a guy who has helped many people relax, Bob Marley. This is my personal favorite, Stir it Up
Bob Marley - Legend (Remastered) [Bonus Tracks] - Stir It Up

If that's not enough, check out the whole CD, Legend. I always thought it was the coolest thing that his CD was just called, Legend. Sums it all up.
Bob Marley - Legend (Remastered) [Bonus Tracks]

Have a nice weekend.