Saturday, September 19, 2009

10 things that are worth getting out of bed for each day

I was hanging out on the PostGraduate forums yesterday and came across the request by a member to list the things that make us happy.

I thought I'd share my answers with you in the hopes that it'll inspire you to think of the 10 things that you get out of bed for. If it does, please share them back with me in the comments!

The things I wake up for in the morning are...

10) Tea! Hot, cold and even luke warm.

9) Coffee. On slow weekend mornings when you're sitting outdoors and the air is crisp.

8) Sweaty activities, especially when they involve hitting things (balls, not people).

7) Bright, blinding, beautiful sunshine.

6) Being in a new place with nothing to do but spend the day walking, talking, eating and exploring.

5) Blogging.

4) Small breaks. A ten minute walk outside in the middle of the workday can feel like 100 days at the beach.

3) Getting to know people. Everyone has at least one mind-blowing story to tell if you just ask.

2) Teaching. You're changing a person's life.

1) And, through all the episodes of phd depression, the thing that sends me back to school each and every day is that feeling I get when I've done great work that I didn't really think was possible the day before. I know then that, for today, I lived to my full potential.

An informal 11th thing that is making me happy right this second is this song. It just feels so appropriate for the post:

Tim McGraw - Tim McGraw - Greatest Hits, Vol. 1, 2 & 3 - Where the Green Grass Grows

So what gets you up in the morning?