Thursday, September 17, 2009

Crusin' 'round the 'sphere in my six-fo'

Since becoming a blogger a few months ago, I've become an avid blog reader.

To facilitate my new addiction I use google reader. If you haven't set up a reader yet, you're missing out. You can subscribe to any blog that sounds interesting (like mine!) and voila! you've created your own personalized, daily news/thoughts/inspirations/self-help readings!

Once you've set it up, it's the central location for you to get all of your blogs delivered so you don't even have to move a lazy finger to type in individual blog urls.

If you hate google (i.e. you're insane), there are readers out there by yahoo and other names I don't recognize (see my "Subscribe to -> Posts" section on the right, there's a drop down menu there with the names of those mysterious readers).

What's in my reader?

So, now that I've convinced you to get a reader, I'll point you to some good blogs to get you started down procrastination road (like you needed any help). Here's my list of the best of the best:

Problogger - As I mentioned last week, I've gotten so into blogging that I even read a blog about blogging. Darren is a great writer though and while I started reading the blog to learn about blogging, the writing is the reason I subscribed and continue to read. This is true about all of the blogs - it's funny how one person can make a topic interesting while another can make it boooooring.

Worlds Strongest Librarian
- It's hard to say exactly what Josh writes about, it's sort of just about life and wacky things that happen in his. But like I said, for me it's not about the topic as much as the writing. It's entertaining and interesting. What I do know about him is that he loves kettlebells, he has Tourrette's syndrome and he is, you guessed it, a librarian. Oh and he's only been writing his blog for a few months and already has a book-deal - that's how awesome he is.

Balance, Joy and Delicias
- I found this blog after the author linked to my blog, but become a fan because of the "food porn" as she calls it. If you like food and pictures of food or are just interested in the adventures of another PhD student's blog, check it out.

Surviving a PhD - Wistar doesn't write often, but when a new post appears in my reader it's a dry, sharp, humorous little treat.

PhD Comics - Do I really need to explain this one? If I do, you might not be a PhD student...

Articles I've found floating 'round the interwebs:

While I'm on the topic of my web reading addiction, I figured I'd add one more thing to the list - articles that I've enjoyed recently that didn't come from my reader:

Kiplinger.com's fabulous freebies in 2009 - PhD students generally love (or desperately need to - depending how you look at it) finding ways to get things free. This article isn't the useless "sign up for things and give your information to people so they can sell it and you can be bombarded with spam" advice. It's good, useful stuff, like a link to free tour guides when you travel, free music services that are legal, and free money for grad school. Good stuff.

20 Pictures of Nerdy Cupcakes
- Ok it's only half true that this isn't in my reader. After finding this just now I subscribed to the Comedy.com geek culture feed! I'm such a blog junkie...

So, now I've told you mine....what are your favorite blogs and articles on the internets?

By the way, did you get the song reference in my title? If not, go check it out on:

Eazy-e - The Best of N.W.A. - The Strength of Street Knowledge - Boyz-N-the-Hood



Warning, if you don't like explicit language or old skool gansta rap, don't click those links! But if you love the 80's and are "bored as hell and want to get ill", you're gonna love it.