Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Pep Talk - Jerks. Your Work. Sad Little Smirks.

So I got a request for a pep talk post, which I thought would be a great addition to my usual posts of discussions and tips.

I’m not really in the business of trying to convince anyone to stay in a program that makes them unhappy, but I’m willing to share pep talks that I give myself if you’re looking for some cheering up. So here it goes…

Everyone reading this blog is in the struggle together. The attrition rates suggest that even most of the PhD students who aren’t talking about it have had PhD Depression (or else why would they all be leaving their programs?). So realize that the next person who smirks at your topic is probably insecure about his own topic. Happy, secure people don’t try to make others feel bad about themselves. Next time someone questions you a little too harshly, and you start to wonder if you're topic is worth anything at all, know it’s not you they have a problem with, it’s themselves. So if you're feeling anything, it should be sorry for them.